Countdown To Our Next Project

What's behind our name? It's a commitment to re-invent, co-create and do good. 


Every three months we release a poll for a new project. You will vote and we will listen to your choice. Often the project will be about innovating our product. Other times it will be about supporting our community. Whatever the mission will be, here is our promise: We will dedicate the next 3 months to bring your vision to life.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Past Projects

Goodbye honey. Hello Nectar!

In 2018, The Baklava Project decided to take on its first and biggest challenge. Eliminate the ingredient baklava is known for: honey.  Why? Two reasons.

   1. Bees are going extinct and as a result they are being tortured so production is met. Beekeepers will often confine bees, clip their wings or even kill tens of thousands when rendered unusable.


   2. All that sugar from the honey adds up to unnecessary calories and carbs that turn baklava into a guilty pleasure.

We do not believe in living with guilt, so we decided to create Nectar! We used a 3-step process to combine the right number of ingredients, boil them at the right temperature and let them cool down for the right amount of time. What's in it you ask? Aromatic spices, orange and lime zest, rosewater and a touch of sugar. That’s it. No, seriously. That’s it!

Now you can have your baklava and eat it too! Healthy, vegan, tasty and guilt-free. You are welcome. On to the next project!

Eat your heart out!

When you think of baklava flavors, first thought that comes to mind is probably walnuts…maybe pistachios if you’re thinking outside the box. Both flavors are great, but what about more? What is a heart-friendly nut that’s also a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium? Think of it. Yes you can! Pe-Can!

This light brown, crunchy, slightly sweet nut stole our heart since the first moment we laid our eyes on it. Fast forward 3 months later and it is one of our top selling flavors. Not too bad! On to the next one…did someone say cashews?

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