About Us

We would love to tell you a romanticized story about how this all started with a recipe passed down from generation to generation. The truth is, although our grandma did make some pretty great baklava, it was loaded with sugar and butter.


So, we took matters into our own hands: we decided to make it…better. And nuttier. And healthier. Because it’s 2019 and we don’t want to feel guilty about what goes into our bodies. We, also, don’t need a chemistry degree to recognize its ingredients.


So here it is. Our nuts and filo make the base. A touch of sugar and butter hold it together. And we top it off with our nectar syrup made with cinnamon, rosewater, and orange and lime zest. That's it. Not your grandma’s baklava and frankly, not our grandma’s either. 

Our Mission

To re-invent and co-create nutritious food using environmentally-sustainable sources.

Breaking Down The 4 Pillars Of Our Mission Statement


We started with a recipe passed down from our grandmother. But the more we dug into the history of the recipe, we realized that each individual whose hands touched this blueprint formula tweaked it just enough to make the already perfect recipe a little more perfect.  

Maybe what really makes this baklava unique is that it never settles. This is not your grandma's baklava and frankly it's not our grandma's either. We call it Baklava 2.0



Our #1 ingredient is and always will be our protein-rich nuts. Every serving of our baklava is packed with 5 grams of plant-based protein.

Oh and we've removed a good chunk of the sugar that most baklava is loaded with. Instead, we top our baklava with low-caloric ingredients such as rosewater, cinnamon and orange and lime zest.


Co-create, not create because YOU are at the heart of what we do. That means you have a stake in every decision The Baklava Project makes.

Every three months we release a new poll on our "PROJECTS" page where we ask you to vote on what project you would like us to complete next. The projects vary. We might ask you to choose what nut filling you would like to see next. Or maybe we'll need your help in choosing an organization that you would like us to donate to. 


No honey in our baklava! Not now. Not ever. The honey industry is facing a crisis as beekeepers are struggling to reach production quotas. Bees are the victims of inhumane practices used to reach those goals. PETA notes that beekeepers will often confine bees, clip their wings or even kill tens of thousands when rendered unusable.

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